July 10

Today we finally made it back to the harbour in time to get Isaac on the zip-line!  We had to wait in line a long time, but he really seems to like zip-lining so its worth it.

This is our last day in Quebec city I think, so we did all our favourite things.  We rode the train one more time, watched the horse show, and painted a pony.  Pony painting is a fun concept.  I’ve never seen it before, but it seems like a good way to introduce small children to horses.  The ponies were very patient and the paint is made of corn starch and food colouring is it does them no harm other than to stain their coats a bit.  And the kids learn how to move around horses gently and quietly.

We walked up some stairs this time to get inside the walls, and found an Italian restaurant where Isaac had a nice thin crust pizza and I had ravioli stuffed with duck and something else I forget, with a delicious goat cheese white sauce.  A very good meal and not too expensive.

We were determined to see the light show tonight so we wandered around the old city killing time.  We caught the show of the same busker again.  He knows us now and he gave Isaac a balloon after his show.  After that show we stayed put to watch two other busker shows, both of which were good, but not as good as our favourite.

By then it was getting close to 10:00 so we walked back down to the water front to watch the show.  Its called Le Moulin A Images, or the Image Mill, and its worth seeing.  Much longer and more intricate than the show in Ottawa, it shows the history of Quebec.

Isaac kept falling asleep, even though the sound was loud.  And I think it was maybe a little too long.  Some of it was a bit more political than I like too.  I was sitting on the quay with Isaac in my lap and my legs kept falling asleep.  Its hard for me to sit on the ground but I wasn’t going to pay to sit in a chair.  We didn’t stay for the whole show.

However, this experience called attention to something I have begun to notice about Isaac.  He covers his ears a lot.  He had me cover his ears for him the whole time we sat there watching the show.  The sound wasn’t that loud and many other children watched it without being bothered by it.  He also covers his ears every time a toilet flushes.  I’m going to watch for this behavior from now on.

It was again very late when we caught the crowded bus back to the zoo grounds.  Isaac is sound asleep and I shall follow soon.  But think we have now covered everything we wanted to do here.

Tomorrow we move on.

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