July 8

Last night I decided to do some laundry.  I hand washed some clothes in a bin, then hung them up all over the truck.  The stuff didn’t dry very well over night so we had to wait this morning until everything was dry and put away before we could go to Tim Horton’s and then catch the bus back to Vieux-Quebec.

So we were much later starting out today than I liked – too late for Isaac to go on the zip-line again because they close the lineup before 3:30 and shut down at 4:00 – but he had fun on the bouncer, the train, and other stuff.

We walked down the boardwalk along the river, went through a little navel museum in the navy building, and played in a dancing water fountain.  Further along Isaac made friends with another random kid and played for a while.  We saw a cruise ship docked and watched it leave heading for the ocean.  There are several big cargo ships docked as well.  And sail boats and pleasure craft.

We rode a funicular to the top of the cliff today instead of walking up the streets. $2 for a short ride. Isaac liked it.  We walked toward the Plains of Abraham but most of it is blocked off for the concerts.  A $30 day pass gets you into most stuff, but I don’t think I’ll pay it.  There are concerts I’d like to see, but nothing that really grabs me.

We watched a busker in front of the Frontenac, then walked further and saw the same busker we watched yesterday.  Isaac seems to like his show so we watched again.  We looked in some shops, took pictures of buildings, thought about doing a walking tour, and went back to the truck.

On the way up Rue St Jean tonight we saw two different street performances moving up and down the street.  Both were people on stilts, and were entertaining but not as exciting as last nights horses.

Tonight we’re cooking hotdogs and sausage for dinner.

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