July 9

Today we tried to get to La Place de la Famille le Lait in time for Isaac to zip-line again, but we failed.

Instead we played with the other activities and walked down the boardwalk again.

At the dancing water fountain Isaac made friends with two french men who had stopped there to rest while bicycling.  They spoke very little English and I understood very little of their French but they chased Isaac through the water spouts enthusiastically.

When Norman and Mario left on their bikes, Isaac and I moved further down the boardwalk to where some kids were playing in a set of pools in front of a restaurant.  The water was only about a foot deep, but it was enough for me to wade in and for Isaac to play in.  I had to force him to come out of the water eventually and sit in the sun to dry for a while while there was still enough sun to dry him.

We walking upside the walls of the old city again, watched the same busker again, ate at a crepe restaurant (yummy), then headed back down to the water front.  There is a light and sound show, apparently much like the one in Ottawa, projected against a big mill building in the harbour at 10:00, so we went to see it.

Unfortunately, Monday night is the only night of the week the show doesn’t run.

By the time we walked back to the bus stop it was quite late and large crowds were leaving the various venues and trying to catch buses.  We had to wait for a bus that wasn’t too full for us, and even then I though we would have to stand.  Fortunately French people are very courteous and someone offered me his seat.  Isaac fell asleep on the way back to the truck.  I had to wake him to walk from the bus stop to the truck, because he is way too heavy for me to carry that far, but he went straight back to sleep.

I guess we’ll head back to Vieux-Quebec one more time before moving on.

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